Your days of eating cold ramen noodle packets are over! Freedom Debt Relief reviews has scoured the web for the best tips to reduce the cost of food when you’re in college. Though it might seem like a huge part of your budget (especially if you aren’t bound to a meal plan), shopping smart when you fill your pantry can save you up to $150 a month…money that can go towards paying down your interest on your loans and saving you hundreds more in the long run! If you’re looking for better ways to eat on a college student’s budget, try testing out these tips from Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

Snack smarter. Before you leave for class in the morning, try to remember to bring along a small, healthy snack with you. This will help you to avoid the temptation to splurge on over-priced drinks and food on-campus, and is usually a better option for your health as well! If you are bound to a meal plan, Freedom Debt Relief reviews recommends taking the time to look and see exactly what your meal plan entails. Some plans may include the option to carry out a takeaway container that you can fill with snacks like fruit and cookies for later!

Have a supermarket strategy. When you shop for food, it helps to have a game plan before you go into the grocery store. Check the flyers from your local supermarkets and see what’s on sale this week- if it’s a nonperishable that you love, remember to stocks up! Make a grocery list of everything that you’ll need for the week before you leave. This will help you avoid the temptation to head down aisles that you don’t need to, which in turn can help to curb impulsive purchases. Choosing generic brands is also always recommended; though you’ll only save about 1-2 dollars per item, those costs can quickly add up. And whatever you do, remember never to hit the shops hungry; Freedom Debt Relief reviews has found that students have a tendency to purchase more unhealthy foods when they shop on an empty stomach!

Keep your finger on the pulse of campus events. If you’re hunting free food and fun after hours, try checking with your RA or on your university’s website to see what types of student activities are going on during the week. Most involve free pizza, snacks, and sometimes even a free T-shirt- these events are also an amazing way to meet other people on campus, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Consider a food-related job on campus. Most college students are eligible for work-study positions on campus that are easy to find and don’t require a large amount of prerequisite skill to take advantage- some even allow you to do homework or study on the job! Freedom Debt Relief reviews recommends reviewing whether or not you are eligible for an on-campus position and, if possible, request one at your school’s coffee shop, dining hall, or athletics concession stand. Many of these positions are required to throw out unsold foot at the end of the shift- so most managers are more than happy to give the leftovers to a student in need!

When you’re a college student, you know that saving every little bit of money helps. Even if it’s only a few dollars at a time, planning a budget and setting aside the money that you save can eventually mean less interest in loans. Try implementing some of these food shopping tricks next semester- and watch your savings grow!